Hawaiian Civic Club of Waimanalo welcomes our new website….

This week marks an historic milestone in the journey of our Waimanalo Hawaiian Civic Club, as we introduce our newly designed website.  For the many years that we have toiled, building the history of our community, we now enter into a time where we can share those special moments with the rest of the world, to build bridges to miracles.  Bless 2012, that it brings the glory and satisfaction of promise and hope to all that we endeavor.  This site is our vehicle and opportunity to step into the future, with our history held gently at our sides.  Please follow along as we begin construction of this site, and add the many articles of past, present and future that we have to offer.  Please kokua in this effort, as this site belongs to all of Waimanalo, our families and our keiki.

Please remember to drop in on our new facebook page as well.  Between the two much is planned and much will be accomplished.